Coaches Fleet Management System integration with SafeBRM Enterprise Resource Planning System including accounting, inventory management, human resource, payroll management, leave management.


i) Multiple User Access Rights
ii) Trip Management
- Booking & Contract Management
- Guide
- Driver Guide
- Daily Schedule
- Flight Schedule
iii) Vehicle Management
- Maintenance
- Cases and Offense
- Road Tax & Insurance (Singapore and Malaysia)- Vendor Vehicle
iv) Driver Management
- Parking Zone
- Driver License
- Driver Allocated Items and Top-up
- Vehicle Driver
- Driver Leave
- Driver Claim (Trip, disposal and Tour Pay)
v) Client Management
- Invoicing
- Job Reference
vi) Vendor Management
- Vendor Vehicle
- Vendor Claim
vii) Reports
- For each module above
vii) Others
-SMS module
-English to Chinese text replace
-Full Logging (Add and Edit by which user)

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