SafeBRM was created as a full featured business resources management toolkit for managing and planning business resources, accounts and operations. SafeBRM can be customized to your business operation and expansion needs. It provides a clearer overview of your business operations, accounts, manpower, inventory, etc. Standalone version can be configured for local area network access and link to internet for global access. Multi-users access control allows each user to have a different features access. We designed it for your team (sales, admin, hr, etc) to work in the same system. It consists of the following modules and reports.

Customer Features

  • Maintain customer information
  • Individual customer credit terms
  • Unlimited shipping and billing addresses
  • Individual sales accounts
  • Receive payments through payment modules, checks, and cash
  • Quotation, Sales Orders, Invoices, Recuring Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Sales Order to Purchase Order feature.
  • Full featured order status window allow for easy organization and review of orders at all status levels

Vendor Features

  • Maintain vendor information
  • Individual vendor payment terms
  • Unlimited vendor ship from addresses and remit to addresses
  • Individually assignable expense accounts
  • Request for quotation and Purchase Orders management

Inventory Features

  • Handles different types of inventory items: Stock, Assemblies, Master Stock, Non-Stock, Service, Labor, and Description Only
  • Individual inventory cost methods: FIFO, LIFO, and Average
  • Multi-tier pricing, up to 5 price levels
  • Inventory Stock level management
  • Individually assigned cost accounts for sales, inventory, and cost of sales
  • Serial number tracking capability
  • Customizable inventory group/field manager. Add as many inventory attributes as needed, in as many groupings as needed to help organize and fully define your products
  • Return Material Handling

Asset Management Features

  • Keeping track of company Properties

Banking Features

  • Receive payments from customers
  • Pay vendors
  • Payment manager allow payments of multiple vendors at a time
  • Reconcile receipts/payments with bank statement
  • Refund and Deposit Handling
  • Bills payment

General Ledger

  • Journal Entry
  • Budgeting

Human Resources Features

  • Maintain employee information
  • Payroll - Bonus, claim, commissions, attendance link, unpaid leave auto deduct, GIRO, flexible adjustment. For singapore setup, CPF, CDAC / SINDA / MBMF, Levy, SDF, IRAS.
  • Leave - yearly increment, grace period, child leave auto yearly allocation, medical, maternity, un-paid leave, flexible adjustment.
  • Attendance - manual entry/can be customize to link with card or finger print device.

Payment Modules

  • Payment modules to allow for multiple payment methods
  • Easily expanded with additional payment modules

Shipping/Freight Features

  • Modular shipping tool allows for direct interfacing to many popular freight cariers
  • Included modules: free shipping, flat rate, UPS, FedEx, and more.
  • Shipping manager tool allows for multi-piece shipments that exceed the individual package weight allowed by carriers
  • Shipping tool links directly to the order screens. Ship from and ship to addresses automatically fill the shipping manager window and drops freight selection back into order, reducing errors


  • Every menu choice has programmed security access (none, read-only, enter, edit and full) on an individual user level
  • Runs under a SSL or non-SSL environment
  • Separate user account for each company (in a multi-company environment)

Report/Form Features

  • Includes many standard reports and forms to get up and running out of the box
  • Robust report builder tool allows creation of custom reports and forms
  • Ability to create documents in A3, A4 and Letter size paper, portrait and landscape orientation

Import/Export Features

  • Extensive/programmable export feature allows for individual field selection, order
  • Allows fields to be processed prior to export (e.g. format a currency, round a number, etc.)
  • Filters allow for selective exporting of just the fields desired
  • User selected field delimiters and text qualifiers to create common csv and tsv (tabbed) formats
  • Export of customer, vendor, inventory, banking, employee and general ledger data

Other Features

  • Uses pop-up windows to quickly navigate and locate the information you need
  • Backup feature to protect valuable company data
  • Multi-language feature allows individual users to operate in the language of their choice
  • Platform independent
  • Multple users with different access rights
  • Can be Network/Web based to allow access from any browser and anywhere


We have SafeBRMSafeHR and SafePOS modules with different pricing packages. Call us now and we will work out a cost effective package for you. Fix an appointment with us, we will be glad to show and explain to you how our system works.

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